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  It′s that time of the yea—graduation.The end of school year is nearly in sight,and it′s an especially big deal if you′re finishing high school or college.
  One amazing(令人惊叹的)16-year-old Florida girl,Grace Bush,graduated from both high school and college this week!She actually got her college diploma(毕业证书)before her high school diploma.How′d she do that?
  "Hard work and dedication(专心致志),"she told a local TV news station,"have made me succeed in doing high school and college at the same time."She started taking college courses when she was just 13.She would often get up at 5:30 a.m.and not finish until after 11 p.m.
  Doing both at once is a huge achievement,but it has also helped her family save money.She′s one of the 9 children,all home-schooled until the age of 13.Her father is a math professor while her mother is a part-time history teacher in a high school.Grace Bush has earned her college degree in law,with a near perfect GPA of 3.8 and she hopes to become a lawyer one day,although her parents expect her to teach at university.By the way,she also plays basketball in her college team in her spare time.
  第36题单选Why does the author say that Grace is amazing?
  A.She finished high school earlier than others.
  B.She never went to bed before 11 p.m.
  C.She graduated from both high school and college at 16.
  D.She got two diplomas from the same school.
  第37题单选Which of the following is the key to Grace′s success?
  A.Taking college courses at 13.
  B.Doing high school and college at the same time.
  C.Being born in a professor's family.
  D.Being devoted to her studies.
  第38题单选What did the parents do to help Grace with her education?
  A.They shared with her college history lessons.
  B.They taught her until she was 13.
  C.They made her interested in math.
  D.They hired a part-time teacher.
  第39题单选What do Grace′s parents want her to be in future?
  A.A news reporter.
  B.A basketball player.
  C.A university teacher.
  D.A lawyer.
  Ron was an engineer.He planned a change and tried the new job of teaching kids how to swim.Ron′s easy manner soon made him a full-time employee at the swim school.
  Now,the 40 hours he works a week takes in weekends,early mornings and late afternoons.He earns around 25%less than he did in engineering.But,at 49,he says he has never been happier."I′ve had a drop in pay,but I′ve cut back on spending,too.I seldom drive to work so don′t have to pay as much for petrol(汽油).I don′t drink as much.I go walking in my lunch break and I′ve lost 20 kilos.I love going to work.The whole family is a lot happier."
  When one of his brothers called,offering to help him find"a real i oh",he answered,"I don′t care.I know what I′m doing is good."
  He admits it was fearful making such a big change when there was the mortgage(分期付款)to pay and kids to clothe and feed,but in the end he feels it is a simple choice."If you′re in a job you don′t like,get out.Money′s not everything.If you don′t like it,change—find something you′re going to be happy with."
  第40题单选What is Ron′s new job like?
  C.Easy to do.
  D.No free time.
  第41题单选How does Ron manage to cut back on spending?
  A.He spends less on clothes.
  B.He calls his brothers less.
  C.He drives less.
  D.He has less food for lunch.
  第42题单选What′s Ron′s advice to the readers?
  A.Stick to the job if you have kids to raise.
  B.Change the job if you don't like it any more.
  C.Stick to the job if you have mortgage to pay.
  D.Change the job if you don't get enough money.
  It is widely accepted that English is the global language of modern times.
  About three decades ago,French was recognized as the language of diplomacy(外交),and German was considered the language of science and technology.English now dominates(主导)not only as the language of science but also diplomacy,computing,and tourism.Today,in terms of native speakers,Mandarin Chinese is the world′s
  largest language.
  Yet there are people who believe that China will become the most powerful country in the world.Some have even fixed the date as early as the year 2020.At present,while English is more widely spoken than any other language,there are more people who speak Chinese than English due to the large population in China alone.If China does become a world power,there is no doubt that this language will spread worldwide.
  As the controversy over which language will become dominant in the world continues,there are many who feel that the dominance of English is unique and irreversible(不可逆的).However,a separate study from David Graddol′s suggests that English′s dominance in the scientific area will continue.There is also an argument that the English language would be changed greatly by 2020 for various reasons.With the possibility of China rising as a world power,Mandarin could definitely challenge the dominance of English as a global language.
  第43题单选Which language is now considered as the language of diplomacy?
  第44题单选Which language has the largest population of native speakers?
  第45题单选The author says that Chinese is expected to spread worldwide if__________.
  A.China becomes a real world power
  B.China has a larger population
  C.China has the modern technology
  D.more tourists come to China
  第46题单选What does controversy in the last paragraph probably mean?
  All but the tiniest of roads have to have names so they can be recognized on a map,and so people can ask directions to them.Americans name a lot of bridges,too.
  Very often these names carry a clear geographical reference the Pennsylvania Turnpike,for example.Or,like the George Washington Bridge,roads and bridges are named for famous historical figures or powerful officers.
  We make a big deal out of naming things,as when someone decided to name an airport after a U.S.judge.So now we have the Baltimore Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport.
  Many,if not most,of our college buildings are named for wealthy people who gave a lot of money to the schools.And our sports centers took this idea a step further.Companies paid a whole lot of money for what′s called the"naming rights"to U.S.Cellular Field in Chicago,for example,and Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia.
  Now the governor(州长)of Virginia,Bob McDonnell,wants to sell naming rights to roads and bridges in the state.He says not just companies,but also wealthy people,would help the Virginia transportation budget(预算)by paying to have their names--or perhaps those of loved ones--placed on roads and bridges,and thus on maps as well.
  People hold different views,however.Supporters say Americans are used to having things sponsored(赞助).
  Others disagree,considering the idea as the next step in the"companies of America."They wonder how far such an idea might spread,and where it would end:at the Burger King Pacific Ocean,perhaps.
  第47题单选Most of the roads need to have names so that__________.
  A.they can remind people of the past
  B.people can learn about them better
  C.they can be easily recognized on maps
  D.people can enjoy naming them
  第48题单选Who are many college buildings named for according to the passage?
  A.Powerful officers.
  B.Famous judges.
  C.Historical figures.
  D.Wealthy people.
  第49题单选Why does the governor of Virginia want to sell naming rights?
  A.To remember the loved names.
  B.To make the state well-known.
  C.To help the transportation budget.
  D.To increase companies'sales.
  第50题单选What can we learn from the last paragraph?
  A.People have different ideas toward naming things.
  B.Americans have sponsored naming a lot.
  C.Everything is named by an American company.
  D.Pacific Ocean will be renamed.
  第(51)题答案为How are you
  第(52)题答案为having dinner together/having supper together
  第(53)题答案为1eaving for Beijing/going to Beijing
  第(54)题答案为next Monday
  第(55)题答案为Call me/Phone me/Give me a call
  2.生词:租房子rent a room。
  Dear Tim,
  答案:One possible version..
  Dear Tim,
  I'm writing to ask if it is possible for my best friend Li Ming to rent a room in your house.He is going to study computer science in a university in London next month.He is an excellent student with high scores.In his spare time,Li Ming likes reading books,watching movies and listening to music,especially light music.He is a very kind and friendly person,always ready to help others.I'm sure that your family will get along well with him.I will give you more information about him if it is necessary.
  Li Hua
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